Gravity Stretch to Ease Back Pain with Deep Tissue Decompression

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3D Core Training that Feels Good!
Strengthen Deep Muscles of the Spine
3D Core Training that Feels Good!
Relax, Drop Your Pelvis
Decompress, Connective Tissue

Powerful Deep Muscle Release without Trigger Cues!

Gravity Belt Promotes Decompression by Holding All 3 Anatomical Planes in Perfect Neutral Posture for One Simple Stretch.

A Neutral Spine in Reverse Gravity Lets the Involuntary Deep Muscles of the Spine, Hip Flexor and Pelvic Floor Relax and Release to Full Extension Simultaneously for Coordinated Memory Reset.

As Connective Tissue with the Spinal Assembly is Relaxed, the Structure Can Quite Literally Fall Into Neutral Alignment.

You Control the Stretch, Just Bend Your Knees!

Ease Pain • Increase Range of Movement • Improve Posture

Reset the Spring, It Feels Good!

Stretchbelt at Home
Stretchbelt In the Gym
Stretchbelt in the Bath

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